Our Story

Bullies & Co.


Just a man and a woman who fell head over heels in love with an American Bully named Clyde. The odds were against us from the very start, hearing all the backlash about owning a "pit bull." We have devoted our time, patience and love to train Clyde to be one of the most loyal, loving and intelligent examples of a bully breed.

Our goal is to raise awareness to these gentle giants and show people that just like any other breed of dog, a bully that is properly raised will display the care and nurturing that was provided by their devoted owners! Now wherever we go instead of getting straight fear from Clyde being (part Pit) we get... “where did you get that beautiful collar from,” and that’s no lie!

Bullies & Co. was made out of kindness and love to affordably, it magnifies and compliments any dog's beauty. We do our very best to manufacture the highest quality dog chains and give our customers affordable luxury for their best and devoted fur friends.

We are a brand new small family owned business, with a limited quantity of dog chains. We welcome you with open arms to the Bullies & Co family! We hope you support our business and take this journey along with us! Thank you!

Warm Regards,

Melissa, Michael, Clyde & Chase